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Life has been interesting these last few years... After graduating from college I became a Spanish teacher at a full-immersion preschool, then a nanny, and then back to being a full-time student. I'm wrapping up my first year of a two-year graphic design program at Shoreline Community College.

It has been a lot of fun and I'm really looking forward to the next year. Besides all the cool technical and design skills, I have learned a whole lot as a student, an artist, a designer, and a person in the last couple of years. I felt like putting together this list as both a way to share these thoughts with others and as a reminder to myself for when I feel like I'm running in place...

  1. Yes, grades are somewhat important, but the content of the classes and what you actually take away from that class are a million times more important. The new friendships (and networking connections) you make are also more important.
  2. Easy classes aren't fun; they piss me off! I want to learn something, damn it!
  3. Comparing myself to others who are “better” than me is a waste of time. They're not better, they're just further along the program or have skills I have yet to fully develop. I've met a whole bunch of incredibly talented people. Instead of feeling intimidated, I'm inspired!
  4. It is also a waste of time to get annoyed by idiots and slackers. It's their loss and they are not worth my energy.
  5. Technology is my friend. A very good friend, indeed! I still yell at my computer all the time, but what relationship isn't complete without a few bumps on the road?
  6. It's not ok to be unpleasant to someone you don't like, but it is perfectly ok to not be nice. There's a huge difference.
  7. It's ok if I go a couple of weeks without painting, as long as I am doing something productive (i.e. school/design work, exercising, reading, feasting my eyes on other wonderful art and design out there, etc).
  8. It's also ok to paint something crappy or doodle a cartoon just for fun and call it a healthy session of art-making. I can't always create awesomeness. Sometimes good ideas hit after not taking something seriously.
  9. I'm exponentially more productive when I'm happy, and I'm happy when I'm pursuing something that interests me, regardless of what it is.
  10. My boyfriend is mostly right when he says: “You're a Swiss Army Knife!”
  11. No matter where I am in my personal and professional life, I must strive to learn and grow. Always. An idle mind is my worst enemy.
  12. My happiness and well-being is a cycle: if I pursue what interests me I am happy; if I am happy I am better at what I do; if I am happy doing what I do I am a better person, a better girlfriend, a better friend and a better contributor to society.
  13. Only I can chose to make or break that cycle. No one else.

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